Nothing in life comes easy. You have to put your heart and soul to pursue your dreams. Just like that, you have to work hard and push your limits in order to achieve your goal of having a fit body.

I have come up with an idea to help you guys-The Shweta Mehta Challenge (#tsmchallenge). Every once in a while, I’ll put up a challenge for you guys that will encourage you to put in that extra effort for a sound mind and body.

The winner(s) of those challenges will be announced here and will be featured on our site. So, be prepared.  


New Challenge Coming Soon!

My Favourites

Nandita Manna

Pistol Squats Challenge
She did 20 reps in one go
More power to you!

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Damendhar Gowda

Slowest pullup Challenge
He did 1 single pull up in 60 secs. 

More power to you!

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Tarun Mehta

Single Leg/ Pistol Squat challenge!
He performed in heels on running bike.
More power to you!

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Want to get featured?

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Rules are simple –

  1. Follow my Instagram handle
  2. Turn on the post notification so that you don’t miss out on any challenges
  3. Follow the instructions when there is a new challenge
  4. Upload your video performing the mentioned task with a hashtag #tsmchallenge
  5. Tag 3 friends in the same post and encourage to participate