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A journey that has tested my patience,
A journey that has tested my will, A journey that will continue to test my will,
A journey that will always find me ready- ready to take the hit, ready to get back on my feet, ready to stand my ground, ready to hit back and for more.
A journey that has challenges, A journey that has accolades, A journey that has everything in between.


Born and brought up in a middle-class Punjabi family settled in Haryana, I was imbibed with the principles of “continuous learning” and “pursuit of excellence in the field of your choice” by default. I used to daydream about my own version of a successful life, and then I decided to turn that dream into reality.

2015 was the year of change for me. It indeed was a strenuous task, leaving my IT engineer life behind and transforming into a fitness model. Mumbai – Bodybuilding Expo 2015 marked my foray into the fitness world, where I was the runner up in the Jerai Women Fitness model 2015. I followed this up by winning the title of “Jerai Women’s Physique 2016” and participating in events like Asian Bodybuilding Championship 2016 and MTV Ultimate fitness fan Season 2. But, I was at an all-time high when I lived my DREAM of becoming the WINNER of MTV ROADIES RISING 2017; a platform that allowed me to showcase everything that I believed in- strength, concentration, and passion to win.

From being a careless individual procrastinating on efforts towards good health to becoming a professional athlete, from getting rejected thrice in MTV Roadies to winning MTV Roadies Rising- I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than doing what your heart says and then putting in some serious efforts to turn that dream into reality.


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